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James Sinclair's Business Broadcast podcast

Mar 31, 2020

James Sinclair's Business Broadcast is the weekly podcast from the award-winning entrepreneurial CEO of the Partyman Group; home of 7 much-loved family-based brands which welcome one million customers through the doors of their attractions every year. 

In today’s episode James speaks to Paul Rowlett who is the CEO of EverythingBranded a very successful promotional product distributors which has 260 staff here in the UK and over the pond in the USA which does £24,000,000 in annual turnover globally.

* How Paul learned his craft in basic sales and then selling google marketing 

* How he then learned to use Google PPC

* How he drove the brand through Google PPC and text marketing

* The backlash of pivoting in the crisis

* Coping with £200K wage bill with no income

* The dangers of the 80% wage support not fitting all industries

* Paul shares why he got involved in the TV show ‘Secret Teacher’

And amongst all the corona craziness that’s going on Paul is still wanting to add value, so he’s offering the first handful who connect with him through the podcast an Everything Branded goodie bag just email him and say ‘send me the goods’ to

And for more information about James Sinclair’s Entrepreneurs Network visit