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James Sinclair's Business Broadcast podcast

Feb 19, 2020

Growing a £25,000,000 Food Brand

James Sinclair's Business Broadcast is the weekly podcast from the award-winning entrepreneurial CEO of the Partyman Group; home of 7 much-loved family-based brands which welcome one million customers through the doors of their attractions every year. 

This week on the show James Sinclair welcomes James Lipscombe CEO of The Chesterford Group which operates the fish’n’chick’n, Churchill’s and Bankers food brands which make up the UK’s largest chain of Fish and Chip shops.

In the show the James’ discuss:

* The groups 40+ year heritage in food retail

* Turning your people into superheroes

* The changes that have occurred in going from lifestyle business to a bigger brand   

* The importance of understanding your marketplace 

* Knowing when to change an existing brand to attract a new audience

* The best ways to fund growth

* The importance of working on the front line of the business every single week

* James’ tactics for creating balance

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