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James Sinclair's Business Broadcast podcast

Feb 12, 2020

James Sinclair's Business Broadcast is the weekly podcast from the award-winning entrepreneurial CEO of the Partyman Group; home of 7 much-loved family-based brands which welcome one million customers through the doors of their attractions every year. 

This week we’re bringing you an episode where James is the guest of another podcast, not the one asking the questions and - as you can hear - this chat gets James delving deep into his business journey and how he manages to grow multiple businesses simultaneously!

In the show:

* How James became a sole trader at 15 and left school as he was so in-demand

* The Power of 4 transactions

* What he believes the government should do about Quantitative easing

* Why James thinks that the £1-£10 million pound business are the ones that need support

* How James knew his goal from the age of 15

* Why James believes sleep is so integral to success and wakes up most days naturally

* How great management in a business is what makes the money

* Why entrepreneurs are often not good finishers

* His opinion on how the UK could be the centre of entrepreneurialism

* The power of building a personal brand… there’s a great story about how his personal brand got him cash from the bank!

* Why you need to focus on Marketing to get customers not just branding

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